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The beautiful island of Malta, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is an ideal place for studying English if you like sunshine, swimming and meeting new people. Outdoor activities are just one side of the entertainment available to you in Malta.

Malta is only 316 km, yet it has a fascinating and rich history. The island became a British colony in 1814 and gained its independence in 1964. Mediterranean culture is dominant in Malta but 150 years of British rule have had a lasting effect on the country and its language. English is one of Malta’s two official languages, the Maltese drive on the left and enjoy a typical English breakfast. The main daily newspapers are published in English.

Students from all over the world travel to Malta to study English and enjoy the great holiday atmosphere. Malta has something for everyone: Mediterranean climate, crystal clear sea, wonderful cafes and shops, exciting and safe nightlife with parties and discos organised especially for international students.

Language Courses for Young Learners

Gateway School of English (GSE) – St.Julian’s

Language Courses for Adults

Gateway School of English (GSE) – St.Julian’s
Global Village English Centre – St. Paul’s Bay


  • General English & Intensive General English
  • General English 20 lessons per week (4 lessons per day with a break every two lessons)
  • Intensive General English 30 lessons per week. In addition to the General English course, you are offered two extra lessons per day for further speaking, vocabulary and listening practice in order to improve your confidence in all areas of the language.

10 students max per class, 12 max high season

Courses start every Monday

Each lesson = 45 minutes | Minimum age: 18 (unless specified) | Monthly test and progress reports | Certificate of Course Completion

FREE book offered to students taking General English 20 or 30 group lessons per week for a minimum duration of 2 weeks.

Group General English courses available to students from Elementary to Advanced levels. Beginners are to book the Beginner’s course.


  • Host Family
    Staying with a host family will give you the best opportunity to practise your new English skills outside the classroom.
    You can also experience Maltese culture at home and learn about the history, daily life, food and traditions of Malta.
  • School Residence
  • Self Catering Apartments
  • Hotels

 For more information and an individual offer and the price list, contact us

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